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Podcast 120: Using Your Abilities to Contribute

Adlerian psychology – indiviual psychology – is a holistic approach to understanding your motivations. It gives us a “guiding star” to use your abilities.

In the book “The Courage to be Dislike” by Kishimi and Koga, they use a fabulous dialog to discuss the “individual psychology” laid out by Alfred Adler. He was a contemporary of Freud and Jung.

Adlerian psychology is a psychology of use. That means to accept the abilities you have and to use them! That’s in contrast to getting stuck on which abilities you don’t have or what past you went through. Those stories are not helpful.

It offers us a “guiding star” of contributing to others. So, use your abilities to speak the Irish language, whatever those abilities are, and use them to contribute to others.

A language implies the existence of others. You’re not studying a language alone, but rather aiming to connect with others through that language.

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